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What is Sonr?

The internet today is governed by centralized entities that control everything from our data to our digital identities. Sonr is designing the internet of tomorrow, where you have true ownership over your data and identity online.

Quick Start Guide

A short guide on making your first application on Sonr as fast as possible.

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Why Sonr?

Sonr's decentralized, realtime network provides Web3 developers with a tool-set that to quickly deploy scalable Web3 applications, with verifiable data that can be reused and shared across all Sonr powered applications.

  • Developer Experience -- We believe application development should be as straight forward as possible. Sonr's SDK's is an all-in-one solution for developing applications for the Sonr network. We believe in consistency and openness, as our libraries are built on open standards.
  • Composable by Design -- Our protocols are flexible and are capable of wrapping custom protocols. These protocols are extendable and support merging, which allows for reusability and composability.


  • Join the Dev Portal to ask questions and engage with the community
  • Follow us on Twitter for updates
  • Read the blog for news, announcements, and tutorials
  • Watch the Youtube channel for videos and presentations
  • Work on the Sonr Project through visiting our open roles

Something missing?

If you find issues with the documentation or have suggestions on how to improve the documentation or the project in general, please submit a request (Canny) for us on our feature requests board. This allows us to appropriately triage issues, track demand across users, and aligns requested changes with our roadmap - which is also featured on Canny. If you'd like to make a PR (especially a large one), please talk to the Sonr team first to make sure we aren't already working on it!